What Are Dry Ridges & Dry Verges?

roof tiling dry ridge
tiled roof with dry ridge system

The roof ridges are the row of capping tiles on the peaks of the roof. Verges are caps on the rows of tiles coming onto the gable ends of roofs. Traditionally and still commonly the tiles of the roof ridges are attached with mortar. Many roofs don’t have verge caps at all but most new roof builds will have.

New British Standards regulations mean that the verifiably superior mechanical fixing method of a Dry Ridge and Dry Verge system is now becoming more common.

Under testing mechanically fixed ridge tiles and verges were found to be more durable and less likely to come lose in storms. Dry Rigde and Dry Verge systems have many other advantages. They are much easier and quicker to install and they don’t need the continual maintenance of mortar ridges and verges. Dry ridges and verges can greatly extend the life of a roof by making it less susceptible to water damage. They also provide better airflow, reducing condensation in the roof.

dry verge 2
dry verge system